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Drowners Concert 4.17.14 Santa Ana

Wow ok this is gonna be a long one sorry I need to express everything.

So I was visiting San Francisco the 13-16 with my best friend Chase. Our friend Sofia was telling us about a show going on, so we asked who was playing and she told us it was the Temples and Drowners. I was so fucking excited for this gig so we went ahead and bought the tickets. I’m not going into detail about this concert, but basically it was an amazing time and the guys are so friendly and amazing that Chase and I decided we would go to the concert in Santa Ana.

So we get there at the Observatory and there is barely anyone there. We had to wait for a pretty long time so I just talked to some of the girls in line. Everyone seemed to be only there for the Temples, but I mean hey whatever.

We finally got let in and we ended up being 2nd/3rd row right in front of Jack’s mic (that was a bit of an advantage with going to the show on Monday). Chase and I were really excited for this show because we were hoping that the guys would remember us. I struck a 10 minute convo with Jack at the Monday gig, so I figured he would. And Matt complemented my name since it’s a bit unique (Linnea) which was very nice.

Sure enough they come out, and Chase and I are super excited, cheering and all, and everyone else is like, “Oh my god finally! They were taking forever” fucking rude. Since I was right in front of Jack I was just kinda looking at him and we made eye contact and he smiled. He pointed at me and said into the mic, “Hey, nice to see you again”. So that was a plus, it was super cute. This caught the attention of Matt and he looked over in the general area of where we were and recognized us as well and waved. So we were really excited before this even started!

They played for about 2 songs and then they took a break to chat with the crowd, and I figured this would be a good time to light my joint. Jack saw me doing that apparently and when I looked back up he was looking at me and gesturing towards me to give him a hit. He was fucking playing while doing this and I had to hand the joint into his mouth! It was fucking awesome! So I kept smoking throughout “Luv, Hold Me Down” and after they finished, Jack looked at me again smiling, so I figured he wanted another hit. I had it out for him and he dragged it from my fingers and again while kinda holding my wrist? I don’t know like resting it or something. People were cheering and shit which made me feel pretty good about myself.

Jack was making eye contact thought the rest of the show, specifically during “A Button On Your Blouse” and “Long Hair” which are two of my favorites. It felt pretty rad to be involved and recognized. Matt was making eye contact with Chase and I a lot during the show too, so we were really excited to see them after their show.

Sure enough, we waited in the lobby area by the merch to see them. They came out and a bunch of girls just rushed them, which was a bit much. So Chase and I stayed behind and waited a bit. We came up behind Jack till he had time to chat. The accidentally bumped into me while stepping backwards. Then he saw us and said, “Well hey ladies, how are ya?” And I just said yea were good, you recognize us from the.. He kinda cut me off and said “Course I remember you! We chatted up last gig and how could I ignore you tonight?” I blushed, a lot, but it was really cute. We talked for a bit and I said that I still had another joint. He just smiled and said “Oh alright, let me finish up with the pics and signings and we can all hang out outside”.

I was so fucking excited, seriously were gonna be chilling with the band! So for the time being, Chase and I chatted with Erik and Brodie and just talked about music and the difference of the album and live, the shows. Erik thought it was pretty cool how we went to both shows. Matt was being swamped by girls so we decided to just leave him alone and we would just talk to him later.

Jack came up to us and said, “You guys wanna head outside?” And so we just followed him to a table with everyone else there. So we all had a cute little pow-wow around the table. Matt was already at the table and he saw Chase and I and said, “Hello ladies, fancy seeing ya” and I said same to you. I told him how we live here and we were visiting NorCal and it was cute. He remembered my name and said he really enjoyed it and how he had never heard if it before. They’re all so nice, ugh. My lighter wasn’t doing shit for me so Jack used his Zippo and lit it for me while I had it in my mouth. It was fucking UHMAZING, shit you see in the movies. I took a hit or two and I passed it to Jack, he passed it to Matt and then to Erik. Then it kinda hit me that what the fuck I’m smoking my joint with the Drowners, WHO AM I!? We were all laughing and joking it was awesome. Matt was blowing into his beer bottle, thinking it was the funniest thing in the whole world.

Jack and I started talking and he was saying how stuff like this needs to happen more often when they’re on tour. Just chilling, laughing and talking with fans. It was really nice to hear. He’s such a sweetheart it was so great just hanging out with these guys, not getting signatures and pictures.

It was almost midnight so they had to start driving cause they had COACHELLA this weekend. They were all saying bye and hugging us, Erik was saying that it was so cool of us to see both gigs and thanking us for the support. I was saying bye to Jack last and he said, “Thank you for the smoke during and after the show, it’s fucking awesome. Hope I get to see you soon.” And he just hugged me really tight and nice. I couldn’t believe all this just happened it was amazing! Matt was acting like a kid and being all “puppy-love” and hugging Chase and I, saying that is was really great to see us again.

Hands down, best night of my life. And I can’t wait to see them in October!

i may act like i’m sassy but if you’re mean to me there is a 900% chance i’ll cry

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